Doctors always encourage people to get off their couches, put their phones aside and get physically active. Is exercising as vital as they make it seem? Should you bother joining that team sport or even joining a club? Here are some compelling reasons to try a sport this year:

Better Sleep

Getting enough rest is essential for a healthy functioning body. It does not matter if you are a baby, teen, or even adult. Everyone must get enough sleep. Not only does it help you function better, but it also protects you from injuries. For example, you are less likely to walk into a ditch or drive into one when you are well-rested.

So, how do sports help you sleep better? Researchers do not quite know how physical activity relates to sleep. However, there is a strong link between the two, and that suffices as adequate evidence. The more you exercise, the deeper you sleep, and the more rested you feel the next day. Over time, it becomes easier to wake up earlier and engage in even more exercises.

However, the timing of the sports matters because your body releases endorphins each time you work out. These chemicals can keep you awake if you exercise close to your bedtime. Therefore, try and get your workout in at least an hour before you hit the sack. Better Sleep

Improved Cardiovascular Function

When engaging in sports, you will often hear people throwing the word cardio around. Cardio relates to the heart and the effect of exercise on this vital organ. Regular exercise lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol, increases your cardiovascular endurance and blood flow, and reduces your risk of heart-related lifestyle diseases.

How can you make sure your heart is healthy in the long run? Most doctors agree that 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercises per week should be enough. Alternatively, you can work with 1.5 hours of high-intensity sports each week. Additionally, you should throw in strength training sessions for some endurance. Improved Cardiovascular Function

Increased Social Networks

We live in an age where connecting with loved ones is as simple as logging into our phones and sending a text or meme. Our friends and family are a call away. However, this virtual communication does not truly live up to the feeling of having someone right by you. Doctors are now encouraging people to go out and meet other people like they did before phones existed.

Is social connectivity important? Why, yes! It gives you a boost in your mental health by instilling a sense of belonging in you and upgrading your life quality. Plus, it helps you live longer and significantly reduces your risk of suicide. So, even if you are an introvert, get out occasionally and meet new people.

Building social networks is not only for kids but also for adults too. We all need to guard our mental well-being. So, if engaging in a sport can surround you with positive energy from other people, why not try it? Social Media

Enhanced Confidence

You might think that joining the local football club is but a hobby. However, studies show that playing sports goes much deeper than this. By putting yourself out there, open to criticism and failure, you build your esteem. If you can fall flat on your face, get up and keep running after the ball, imagine what you can do in your career? You will feel more confident about taking calculated risks at work.

Participating in sports has also been seen to reduce anxiety and build better esteem, even in people who have often doubted themselves. Also, when you feel better about the choices you have made about your health, you project this as positivity. Team Leader

Developing Leadership & Teamwork Skills

Have you ever worked with a team sports athlete? Most athletes who have been in team setups come out with solid leadership skills. Additionally, they understand that teamwork makes the dream work and are always willing to compromise their stance to favor the team.

Can you learn this by playing a sport? Sure, you can! Suppose you join a cycling club and are competing with another team. If you know that giving your friend an inch will help your team win the sport, you will feel inclined to give it to them. After all, if they win, you win! Taking that attitude to work and home will make you a much better leader and colleague.

Playing sports enables you to improve almost every aspect of your life. To keep the good energy flowing, follow up with a good diet and hydrate. Stay active! Team leader